Hannah and Daddy 4.5hrs old_resize.JPGdo you have to have the lights on.._resize.JPGHannah just home from hosp 16-11-2008 17h00_resize.JPGHannah Sleeping 6days old.JPGHannah sleeps LOADS day1_resize.JPGandrew and Hannah 5day old2.JPGAngela and Hannah day 3.JPGDad Rebecca and Hannah.JPGdo the eyes open if i poke them.._resize.JPGHannah 5 days old.JPGHannah and granny Joyce_resize.JPGHannah gets sisterly love_resize.JPGHannah.jpgP1010778.JPGP1010792.JPGP1010814.JPGP1010816.JPGP1010824.JPG
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andrew and Hannah 5day old2.JPG