updated 06-Aug-2008

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Here are some clips of Rebecca and little Kate

Well finally I have managed to add video to the photo gallery areas. This basically is saving me time so the vids are at the end of any of the updated photos.

Here are the last few anyway though :-)



Off road day out  (large file)  Rebecca does blocks at 19mnths         out cycling (large file)

Some new clips of Rimini Italy where we were with the Evans clan (Andy, Chad and Andrew)


Water slide yeah!    Soda and tonic?


Rebecca throws things for Chad (pronounced Chnad kind of) Row Row and sand walking

Here at the sea lots of fun, although a few head dunks were spluttered at!


It did take a while to get balance




Loads of clips to add, walking, sledging, rocking, what she knows and so on....




   Rebecca having a bath in Selva and sledging and being joggled






  Walking at last March 2008    Cat flap antics                Rock rock


  Rebecca in her swing           Cat flap and Dennis       Feeding


   Balancing                          Playing with Mum           Knows tongue :-)



       Playing in JHB          Rebecca with Giraffe




                                                     Pre 2008



  A couple of dancing clips at the end of October 2007        She is gonna love Theme parks!


  Peekaboo 28-09-2007





    splash June 07       Hello - Aug 2007     Roll Over - push up pre crawl?





                        Salcombe June 2007




eating solids            kate swings Rebecca





Rebecca says Hello at 8weeks        Rebecca talks some more             Little Xmas 2006 clip


Feb 2007


Rebecca pre bath :-)              Rebecca enjoys bubbles 03/2007     Rebecca has a laugh


Rebecca rocks! May 2007      Rebecca eats feet          


Kate takes her first steps 28-07-2006     Kate following Dennis


Kate golly golly                      Kate pushing kart 12-07-2006     Kate enjoys water 07-07-2006



Kate Early days walking     Kate and Ang 14-11-2006




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